An experiment with KDP Select/Kindle Unlimited

Before publishing Playing At Love to Amazon and others, I had researched KDP Select where you make your book available as an e-version ONLY to Amazon. This would make it free to those with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, and thus theoretically makes those people more inclined to give your book a chance. After an initial period, you have the option to run special promos for your book that you aren't otherwise able to make. This is a plus in the marketing area.

But it also puts all your e-version eggs (so to speak) in one basket, giving Amazon the monopoly on your book. This is the main argument against KDP Select as far as I can see, but as someone struggling to get any foothold with sales, I thought this would be, at the very least, a worthy experiment. I'm not locked in forever to the KDP Select model, so I will go with it for the time being and see if it helps shake loose any new readers. 

  I'll report back on the results of this strategy in the coming weeks. Until then, happy reading!