Writing the next in the series

So, the first in the Rogue Series Novels, Playing At Love, is done and available in both print and e-versions on Amazon. And now it is time to finish the next novel of the series, Tangled Up In You

This novel actually goes back in the history of the characters of Gavin and Sophie to show how they met and why they are so tied to each other. It also develops the love triangle with Conor, the aftermath of which is dealt with in Playing At Love. I'm 54,000 words in and have a self-imposed deadline of early March to finish the first draft. I've used much more outlining with this novel than I did with the first one. It's at once helpful and a hinderance to have the structure so laid out in advance. I find that knowing what each chapter is going to involve makes the idea of writing feel like a chore, but then when I actually get to it the characters do what they always have done - take on a life of their own and surprise me.

I think Tangled Up In You will be about 100k words, so I've got plenty more work to do. And as much as I love it, it is work - as any fiction you're serious about should be.

Stay tuned...