A tale of two (novel) covers

I fell in love with an image of a guitarist on stage long ago and knew that I'd use it for the cover of Playing At Love. I have two versions of it. One is very straightforward, no frills. The other has a tighter focus on the guitarist and more ornate fonts. 

The first feels like it is steering away from being a "rock star romance" or any other category romance, and that's why it appeals to me. With the tagline, there is the hint that even with the "serious" font, the novel has a love story.

The second feels more polished and stylized, and that's why it appeals to me. The font is suggestive of this being a romance, but it's too "genre" which is good because this is definitely not a category romance (see: What it is not).  

I've read that if you should feel free to change your cover (at least on the e-version) to see if that changes the sales. 

I'm going to experiment again and change the e-version to the "no frills" cover and see what happens.