Goodreads giveaway for Playing At Love

Just this past weekend, I packaged up four copies of Playing At Love and mailed them out to the four winners of the Goodreads contest I had run for just over three weeks. It is my hope that each person enjoys the novel, of course. Once they have enjoyed it, perhaps they will recommend the book to their friends and write up rave reviews. 

But I'm a Goodreads newbie, so I really don't know how much stock to place in these things. It was a bit of an education along the way to see how many people signed up for the contest. The numbers jumped most quickly when the contest was first begun and when it was winding down, despite my best efforts to drive traffic toward it with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram postings.

I also saw that some people added it to their "to-read" list. That is a great perk of the contest, though I do wonder about some people who have north of 20,000 books on their "to-read" list. I mean, I am honestly pleased as punch that there are such voracious readers out there but I hope my book doesn't get lost in the flood of others on the list! 

Ah well, another reminder of how much is out of your control when you self-publish.