A tale of two (novel) covers: the sequel

When I posted a while back about trying out a slightly different version of the cover for Playing At Love, I obviously had reservations about the primary concept. As much as I love the image of the guitar player, it just doesn't tell the whole story. It trended too hard toward a "rock star romance" when I feel it's much more of women's fiction with the emphasis on deep character development and relationships.

I had long admired the work that  Ebook Launch did with cover design and finally reached out to them to see if I could convey what I was looking for. They came back with two slightly different versions but both were top notch. One was a sort of Tiffany blue/green and the other was a burnt orange/red. The orange/red was immediately striking but the blue/green was the one that quickly won for me. It felt so clean and modern and the color really drew me in. It had the right mix of alluding to the musical elements in the book AND the romance (with the guitar heads forming a heart shape). And above all, I could quickly see that this would give me a way to brand the whole series. Now I'm anxious to get the next one started!

I think what this shows is that if there is any doubt that the cover isn't quite reflecting what you want, don't be afraid to make a change. I'm glad I did.