Tangled Up In You - Cover reveal

Much progress has been made on the newest book in the Rogue Series Novels. The first draft of Tangled Up In You is with my editor and I now have the e-book cover!

Here is the synopsis:

When Gavin McManus lost his mother at age seven, he comforted himself with not just music, but the stories of artists who also experienced the absence of that all-important maternal figure: McCartney, Lennon, Hendrix, Geldof, Clapton, Bono, and others. In his teen years, he nurtured grandiose aspirations of becoming a famous singer-songwriter, willing his mother’s abandonment to give his life meaning. And maybe his fame will mean she will want to seek him out.

Sophie Kavanaugh is the first girl to see through Gavin’s bravado and into his wounded core, and in return he trusts her with the truth about his mother. This school-year spent together during which Gavin and his best friend, Conor Quinn, form their band Rogue, makes an indelible impression on all of them.

What should have simply been a memorable school-days romance is amplified into an intense—and public—love story when Gavin and Sophie reunite several years later. Rogue has become a college-circuit hit in America, and they teeter on the edge of making it big. Sophie is a sophomore at USC but has never quite given up hope of seeing Gavin again. When a chance encounter brings them together, they are desperate not to lose one another again, and they let their hearts rule.


Trying to settle into some sort of normalcy beyond the heady rock scene brings its own challenges as Gavin and Sophie wrestle with how to handle the ramifications of their naive, impulsive reunion.

Over the course of three more albums and the next dozen years, Rogue earns their place as the biggest band in the world. At the same time, Sophie finds her own place in the modeling industry. They exude the outward appearance of the perfect rock star/supermodel couple. And no matter what doubts or fears test them, their need for each other never wavers. It’s what works for them. Until it doesn’t.

A magazine exposé finally reveals the truth to the world about Gavin’s mother, who he had for twenty-odd years insinuated was dead. In the ensuing media storm and backlash, Gavin descends into depression and worse. Sophie, rejected from her role as Gavin’s indispensable support system, is vulnerable to Conor’s long-simmering attention.

The angst Gavin fostered from losing his mother has paid off in terms of musical inspiration and success. But what does all that matter now that he risks losing the other most influential woman of his life—Sophie? If he can’t figure out how to finally confront the past he may face the future without Sophie.