On envisioning success

I read an interesting article about award winning science fiction author Octavia E. Butler  writing "of her success years before it happened."  

It's specific for her own success as well as how she will give back ("help") others. She also repeats two mantras: "So be it!" and "See to it!"

I love the idea of spelling out your specific vision of success. I think, if nothing else, it serves to clarify in your own mind exactly what you want so that you can strive toward it (rather than flail at some amorphous goal). 

What disappointed me is reading this (as is usually the case), was the comments attached to the article. They were predominantly negative, berating the idea as fantasy and modeled after "The Secret." So many were quick to try to knock down the author's intentions with  her notes and it was just a little depressing. I don't know that I'll ever understand what compels people to go out of their way to be negative and to begrudge someone else their success. 

I do know that Butler's pronouncement was a wonderfully realized vision of what she wanted and who she saw herself to be. And she certainly didn't "wish" it into being. She worked for it, as the "See to it!" mantra implies she would.   

I'm thinking of my own vision of success with writing. When it's ready, I'll put it down in writing and "see to it!"