Favorite lyrics

I've got music on my mind this morning. I've always been drawn to the lyrics, of course. The format of a song restricts the writer in ways I could never master. I've written a song for Playing At Love, and partials of other songs for the band in the Rogue Series, but am still in awe of the songwriters I admire. I tweet my favorite song lyrics now and again and have compiled them here:

You gotta cry without weeping/ 
talk without speaking/ 
scream without raising your voice
#favoritelyrics #U2 

You sit there in your heartache/
Waiting for some beautiful boy/
To save you from your old ways
#favoritelyrics #theKillers 

Called up to listen to the voice of reason/
And got his answering machine
#favoritelyrics #ArcticMonkeys

And all the weekend rockstars are in the toilets/
Practicing their lines
#favoritelyrics #arcticmonkeys

Sleight of hand and twist of fate/
On a bed of nails, she makes me wait
#favoritelyrics #U2

And tell the Devil that he can go back from where he came/
His fiery arrows drew their bead in vain
#favoritelyrics #brandonflowers 

And I can't be holding on to what you got/
When all you got is hurt
#favoritelyrics #U2

Take my hand/
Take my whole life too/
For I can't help falling in love with you
#favoritelyrics #elvispresley 

Without permission His face became wet/
He thought that he learned/
How to not get upset
#favoritelyrics #arcticmonkeys 

And the decades disappear/
Like sinking ships but we persevere/
God gives us hope, but we still fear what we don't know
#favoritelyrics #TheKillers

I heard that you fell in love/
Or near enough
#favoritelyrics #arcticmonkeys   

And when when the hardest part is over, we'll be here/
And our dreams will break the boundaries of our fear
#favoritelyrics #brandonflowers

It’s no secret that a conscience can sometimes be a pest/ 
It’s no secret ambition bites the nails of success/
Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief/
All kill their inspiration and sing about their grief
#favorielyrics #U2 

It's not like I'm falling in love/
I just want you to do me no good/
And you look like you could
#favoritelyrics #arcticmonkeys