Marketing angles for self-published books

Being a self-published author means you spend a lot of time trying to find ways to market your book. A. Lot. Of. Time. Time that could be spent writing the next book. Sigh. That's just the way it goes. 

One angle is to create a visual that incorporates a part of the book that is compelling enough to (hopefully) draw readers into wanting to see more. I've put together a couple of these for Playing At Love and although I like them, I cringe at the fact that they aren't able to get all the nuances of the book. How could they, though? These are just a little taste of things.

Here's one that plays up the "rock star romance" side of the book, although it is definitely "not your ordinary rock n' roll read!" as one reviewer put it.

I made another with a gorgeous nighttime view of The London Eye Ferris Wheel to play up one of the most romantic scenes in the book and showing Conor's struggle with his attraction to Felicity:

Here's another that focuses on the delicate relationship between Gavin and Sophie as they tentatively try with each other again:

And one for Felicity's conflicted feelings for Conor:

More, self-explanatory...

Whether these things work, I'm not entirely sure, as is the case with so many other efforts at marketing your own book. The only real tried and true method is word of mouth recommendations. And the only thing you can do to ensure that is write the best book and characters you can and hope that you'll find fans that are vocal about their enjoyment of it.