A small but passionate group of readers

Self-publishing, as I've noted in previous blogs, is a tough road. It's so difficult to get your work noticed among the thousands of others out there. And it can be tremendously disappointing when a marketing push doesn't produce much of anything. I spend a lot of time researching new techniques of outreach, hoping that one will be the "answer." I haven't found it yet. And I may never find that one "right" way to connect with readers. 

But, more to the point - I have been lucky enough to connect with a small and passionate group of readers who seem to truly adore the characters of Playing At Love. I am so happy that they have had a good time reading about the exploits of this group of characters who loom so large in my imagination. And I hope that I did them justice in the upcoming Tangled Up In You.

So, to you early readers, I want to say thank you for your support!