Calling all Rogue Street Rockers!

As I've said before, I'm so grateful to have found YOU.

I'm calling upon you now to see if you might join this newly formed

Street Team:
Rogue Street Rockers!

This group has been formed with the wonderful assistance of
Kathy and Sandy - my dynamic duo!

It's a closed (private) Facebook group that will support the Rogue Series Novels (and me) by posting on Facebook and Twitter whenever and wherever you can - as frequently (daily, if possible!) as you can. 

In return for this support you will be part of a group that tries to have a little fun each day. You'll also receive an advanced copy of the next book in the series and the occasional merch.

Sweet deal, right?

Just fill out the form (link) below and be sure to connect with me on Facebook at Lara Ward Cosio  

 Rogue Street Rockers Sign Up