E-book vs. Paperback

Most sales of the Rogue Series are via e-book copies. I suspect that is the case with the majority of indie authors' books. Likely because of this, a lot of authors don't bother with offering a paperback version. But I always have and always will go to the trouble of offering a paperback version of my books. I'm old-school like that. I need to see and feel a book - especially one I've written! This is not to say I don't read e-books or otherwise have anything against them. I just will always be one of those holdouts, hanging on to the "old" version of books. 

That being said, all three of the Rogue Series Novels are now available as paperbacks! I've kept the original cover design for these. Go ahead and grab a copy - if you're "old school" like me, that is!

Tangled Up In You
Playing At Love
Hitting That Sweet Spot