Martin's Story - the Next Rogue Series Novel

Though I don't have a release date, I do know that the next Rogue Series Novel will be out later this year. And it will tell Martin's story. Here's a little taste . . . 

* * *

Martin Whelan has always been a “middle of the road” guy, content with his lot in life. Granted, his lot was a fortuitous one. As bass player for Rogue, the world-famous Irish rock band, he’d gladly ridden the coattails of his more passionate and inspired bandmates. He was proficient and dependable at his part in the band, and that was enough for all concerned.

Having at a young age gone straight from his mother’s overprotective arms to his wife’s, Martin settled into married life and quickly became the father to three boys he loved more than anything in the world. Celia ran their lives with both precision and restraint, and Martin took comfort in the boundaries she set. It was a welcome counterbalance to the reckless lives his bandmates led.

Everything was fine. Until Celia found his text messages.