Looking For Trouble
A Rogue Series Extra
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This book can be read as a stand-alone.

I'm Danny Boy.
 No surname needed. Even though Shay Donnelly, the drummer for Rogue, is my baby brother, everyone in the whole of Dublin--hell, maybe even all of Ireland--knows me as Danny Boy. It's all I've ever been called.

But Ms. Amelia Patterson, my therapist extraordinaire, thinks it's time I go back to formalities. She says it's only right now that I'm closing in on forty years of age and am trying to improve myself. I have no illusions over the ways in which I've manipulated and hurt others just to get by, but something has changed.

What makes the difference this time? How do I know I won't slip back into my old ways again? That's what Ms. Patterson wants to know.

So, I'll keep on with the sessions, both to please my brother, and because I'll need them more than I know. Especially once *she* enters my life and not only tests everything I've fought for, but threatens Rogue by stirring up the past.

It won't be easy--my life never is--but now I've got a dog named Roscoe, a therapist named Ms. Patterson, and an unexpected, but welcome, new band of brothers backing me. All I need to do is stop looking for trouble.

Looking For Trouble takes place in parallel with the timeline of Finding Rhythm (Rogue Series #4), so, while it can be read as a stand-alone, incidents from Finding Rhythm will be referenced. Fans of the Rogue Series will be happy to see that all the guys - Gavin, Conor, Shay, and Martin- make appearances in this book.


rogue: noun \ˈrōg\
A person whose behavior one disapproves of but who is nonetheless likable or attractive.

see also: 
Irish rock band featuring - 
Gavin McManus, lead singer
Conor Quinn, lead guitar
Shay Donnelly, drums
Martin Whelan, bass guitar

The Rogue Series centers on the relationship dynamics within an Irish rock band named Rogue.

I don’t feel I can fully express how fantastic this series is. Lara Ward Cosio is brilliant, bloody brilliant. The depth in which she writes these beautiful characters is captivating. You really feel their emotions and are absorbed into their world. Furthermore, I absolutely adore how she writes the most sexy, rugged men, who are all very much rock stars, yet they each have such sweetheart, gentlemen like qualities to them.
— Lucy, book blogger

The primary characters (Conor, Gavin, Shay, and Martin) struggle with imperfections in matters of friendship and love, as they strive and stumble toward something resembling redemption—with each other and with the women they’re meant to be with.

  • Tangled Up In YouGavin McManus is lead singer for the rock band Rogue. Struggling with inner demons, he funnels his angst into both his music and his first love, Sophie. When paparazzi exposes his family secret, Gavin spirals into depression and worse. Can he right things before he loses Sophie and his band?
  • Playing At LoveConor Quinn is the gorgeous guitarist for the rock band Rogue. Trying to right the wrongs of an affair, he rushes into an engagement with his supermodel ex-girlfriend. When an old flame causes him to second guess everything, will he make the right choice and finally stop playing at love?
  • Hitting That Sweet SpotShay Donnelly is the dependable but introverted drummer for the rock band Rogue. When his split allegiance costs him his girlfriend, he ends up at a breaking point. It’s the point at which he must finally find his own life’s rhythm and win back his love.
  • Finding Rhythm: Martin Whelan is the "content with his lot in life" bassist for the rock band Rogue. But after years of a steady, routine marriage, his life is irrevocably upset. He'll set out on a journey of epic highs and lows, and have to ask himself how much he's willing to sacrifice to find his rhythm.

All Rogue Series Novels can be read as stand-alone novels, but they're even better read in order!