Tangled Up In You
A Rogue Series Novel

The intense romance Gavin McManus and Sophie Kavanaugh shared in high school should have been a sweet memory after they parted ways. But just a few years later, their connection is reignited in a big way when he's in town with his band. In a whirlwind of grand gestures and media attention, the two are reunited for good.

Growing up together under the heat of paparazzi attention, the strains of rock band tour life, and the temptations of others tests them. But their need for each other never wavers. Gavin's musical talent stems from the wounds he's carried since childhood, and Sophie is the exact right person to soothe what ails him. But years later, this dynamic falters . . .
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rogue: noun \ˈrōg\
A person whose behavior one disapproves of but who is nonetheless likable or attractive.

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Irish rock band featuring - 
Gavin McManus, lead singer
Conor Quinn, lead guitar
Shay Donnelly, drums
Martin Whelan, bass guitar

The Rogue Series centers on the relationship dynamics within an Irish rock band named Rogue.

I highly recommend picking up the Rogue series, it is a fantastic collection. It is romance with so much depth . . .
— Lucy, book blogger of SweetIsAlwaysInStyle

The three primary characters (Conor, Gavin, and Shay) struggle with imperfections in matters of friendship and love, as they strive and stumble toward something resembling redemption—with each other and with the women they’re meant to be with.

  • Tangled Up In You focuses on lead singer Gavin McManus as he discovers that getting everything you've ever wanted isn't enough.
  • Playing At Love focuses on lead guitarist Conor Quinn as he learns the hard way that sometimes you have to go down the wrong to find the right love.
  • Hitting That Sweet Spot focuses on drummer Shay Donnelly

All Rogue Series Novels can be read as stand-alone novels